Saturday, February 14, 2009

One week old!

What a blessing Annie Glenn has been this past week. She is calm, relaxed, a great eater, and an even greater sleeper. She was born on Friday morning and we came home early on Sunday afternoon. Since coming home she has been sleeping 5-6 hours at night! We can't believe it! She turned one week old yesterday and is growing like a weed. We have already made two trips to visit Dr. Jackson our pediatrician once for a 'real visit' and once for a weight check. We have a little girl who loves to eat! Annie Glenn's weight has quickly climbed in one week to 9lbs. and 12 oz. I have also been back to the doctor as my blood pressure is still extremely high, despite being on blood pressure medicine, so we will return to visit Dr. Ralsten once a week until it is under control.

Josh and I have also been richly blessed in the past week to have our parents take care of our new family. Our home has never been so clean and we are eating gourmet meals every night. Annie Glenn love visitors so please feel free to come by and visit us...this not driving for two weeks is killing me! Again thank you for your prayers and love as we start our new family together. Over the past week we have been easily reminded that God is good all of the time...what a blessing he has shared with us.

We will update again soon!
Josh, Carly, and Annie Glenn

PS: Below are some of our pictures from the past week....she is getting so BIG!

Daddy knows just how to hold me so that I fall asleep!

Wide awake and alert!

Our sleeping angel!

Our first sponge bath from Piggy, Mommy, and Daddy!

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The St.Johns said...

I know ya'll are so blessed to have that sweet baby. I want to come to see her so badly. She is precious, and I know her daddy is spoiling her rotten. I am so happy for the two of you.