Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hello Due Date...Goodbye Due Date

Hello Due Date...Goodbye Due Date...

Yes, today is supposed to be the big day....but Miss Annie Glenn must take after her momma and likes to be fashionably late or is also like her momma and is too hard headed and doesn't like someone telling her when to do something...I can just imagine her now, thinking "I will make up my own mind about my birthday, thank you very much". Poor Josh if he has to live with two hard headed women!

Yes, it is true, not a sign of a contraction in sight and here we find ourselves at 40 weeks! We go back to the doctor on Wednesday morning for another ultrasound and Annie Glenn update, so we will let everyone know what we find out at hopefully, our last appointment. Keep us in your prayers and if you see us on the road steer clear....I have a feeling that speed limit and traffic signs will mean nothing to our eager Daddy to be!

We will be in touch soon,
Carly and Josh

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The Kings said...

OMG!! I am so glad I heard from you...I have been thinking about you all so much! What a bummer she's not here yet, I know the waiting is the hardest part...hang in there, you won't remember any of this once she's in your arms. It's all worth while! Give me a call and let me know how you are doing! Love, C