Monday, October 19, 2009

Almost 9 months old!

It has gone from Summer to Winter in Newnan over the past week! Josh and I quickly realized, when the temperature didn't reach above 50 for several days that Annie Glenn was in need of some warm clothes! Thanks to trips to Babies R Us, Target, and WalMart our fashionista is ready for even the coldest of days. She has every warn and cuddly fleece top, pants, and PJs in Newnan and PTC and looks absolutely precious in them all!

Since we last blogged Annie Glenn has become very mobile! She is crawling faster than we can walk, and is pulling up and walking around the furniture as well as going up and over anything in her way. We have our own little Mountain Goat on our hands! She is also talking quite a bit with her favorite words being, "MaMa", "DaDa", "DogDog", and then a hilarious growl! Annie Glenn is going to be a lamb for Halloween and Josh and I have been working hard to get her to say 'Baa', however we have realized that we will have the first growling lamb, as this is what she does in return. We have fallen in love with her sweet voice and find her mimicking us all of the time. She really sounds exactly like us sometimes! She continues to be perfect to us and we cannot believe that she is almost 9 months old!

God has truly blessed our lives with such a healthy and vibrant little girl. She is constantly smiling, eats well, plays hard, and sleeps well. Life is so good! This week is birthday week for us Davis's with three birthdays in five days, so we are gearing up top share these special days as well as Halloween with Annie Glenn. She still looks like us both, it is so funny to hear peoples opinion! I have found that it depends on who is holding her, but I have to say she looks a lot like her Daddy. We are praying that she will at least act like her Mama!

We are loving each day with our adventurous little love bug and cannot seem to get enough of her. We can't wait until Halloween for pumpkin pictures and pictures of the first growling lamb!

We love you all!

C,J, and AG

Sweet, sweet, little girl!

Annie Glenn and Daddy getting ready to read a "Night Night Book".

You mean you want those magazines and books to stay on the table???

Finally Daddy became...DR. DAVIS!!!!!!

Bundled up in her new hat and mittens!

This photo shows that we are 100% Redneck! Annie Glenn with her Daddy and his first 8 point buck of the season!

I love bathtime, no matter where I am!

Enjoying the cool afternoon outside!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It has been a while...

Life has gotten a lot busier for us since the beginning of school. Josh and I are still managing working out the details of two working parents and a growing little girl. Since we last blogged Annie Glenn has turned 6 and 7 months! She is weighing in at 20lbs. and is crawling and pulling up on anything and everything. No table, magazine, or book is safe! She is amazing to watch and I swear that tonight she started saying MaMa, although Josh thinks that he hears her saying I love my Daddy. She is just growing too fast for us!

School for Annie Glenn is a blessing! She loves Miss Stacey and her little group of friends as much as we do! It is a huge relief to know that she is being well looked after and loved while we are away from her. In fact, Annie Glenn continues to sleep better for Miss Stacey than she does at home. She is eating like a little piggy too while is is at "school", which means I think we are about to have another growth spurt!

Every day Josh and I are amazed at her growth and how her sweet and sometimes sassy personality is developing. Josh and I are both loving work, and I must say that God has sent me the sweetest group of students this year. They are just too precious and make going to work each day a joy.
Hopefully, we will not wait as long to blog again...but these days you just never know! We love you all and hope that you enjoy the pictures of our sweet Annie Glenn.

Carly, Josh, and AG
I love strawberries, just like my Daddy!

What? A bath at Gordon's house...this is crazy!

I can do it all by myself!

Best Friends, Annie Glenn and Gordon.

I love my baby dolls.

Just a swingin'...

These two look like they are up to something. Boy, did they have a blast in their favorite place to be....the bathtub!

Wearing her Kentucky dress just for her Daddy on game day!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Annie Glenn's first visit to the Beach!

On July 11th at 6am we left Newnan on the way to the beach for Annie Glenn's first beach trip. You should have seen the bed of Josh's truck. Not even an ant could have hitched a ride with us. We had more than we needed for Annie Glenn's first beach trip! Annie Glenn was perfect in the car, sleeping for almost the first four hours! We arrived at the beach by lunchtime and hit the sand and pool soon after. Annie Glenn had everything she needed for the beach and pool thanks to Aunt Ashley and her floats, pools, and toys! We spend 10 days in paradise and enjoyed every minute of the time that we were there with our beach family.

Annie Glenn loved the pool and by the end of our trip liked the ocean, as long as she was safe in our arms. She loved our morning and late afternoon walks on the beach, but she especially liked all of the people who were constantly there to play with her! We took over 1,000 pictures of our family and friends and ate like kings and queens. We truly had an incredible trip! Josh and I just loved being able to introduce Annie Glenn to friends who are so important to our life, if it weren't for these special friends we would have never met!

As we have returned back to the "real" world we have realized how quickly the Summer has passed. Next week will be a huge week in the Winstead household as Annie Glenn will begin going to "school" every day with Miss Stacey while Josh and I return to work. We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful place to take Annie Glenn each day and know that she will be loved by Miss Stacey and will taken care of....however I am not looking forward to not spending all day with Miss AG! Also next week Annie Glenn will turn 6 months old! We can't believe it! She has gotten so big and we are loving all of her new "tricks"! She still has no teeth, but not for a lack of chewing and will be crawling before long. Right now our favorite thing is that she will reach for Josh and I when she wants to be held. It just melts your heart! She continues to be the most precious blessing and we are humbled by God's trust in us daily.

Please pray for our family as school starts as it will be a difficult transition for us all. We hope that you enjoy all of the pictures and we will post again soon!


The Winsteads :)

Annie Glenn and Aunt Ashley!

Mom and Dad with Annie Glenn!

The whole Davis gang!

Taking a dip in the pool!

Look at that 'kini'!

Daddy's favorite trick with Annie Glenn. We have one strong little girl!

Look at that Beach 'Bum'!

Sweetest Smile!

Digging for sand fleas!

Annie Glenn's first time seeing the ocean!

Toes in the sand!


Happy Baby!

Our sweet family!
Enjoying every giggle!

Annie Glenn loved her morning walks on the beach!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

New Adventures with Annie Glenn

We have had so many new adventures over the past few weeks that it has been hard to keep up with "blogging". Annie Glenn has gone on her first boat ride, celebrated her first Daddy's Day, flown on an airplane, visited the zoo, celebrated the 4th of July, and has turned five months old! She is continuing to be full of life, personality, and energy. We also have visited Dr. Jackson and Annie Glenn continues to be "practically perfect in every way". She weighed 17 lbs. 10 oz. and was 27 inches long last week. So...she is still off the charts in weight and is in the 97% for height. Annie Glenn is starting to push up and kick her legs to start crawling, is rolling over both ways (from stomach to back and from back to stomach), and loves all of the veggies that we have fed her. Annie Glenn truly is the most precious blessing to our family and we are so blessed to have such a bright eyed and loving little angel.
We will be leaving on Saturday for another adventure as we g0 on our annual July beach trip. Annie Glenn has not had the chance to meet her beach family and we can't wait for them to spend time with her.
We will post beach pictures soon...
Carly, Josh, and Annie Glenn

Annie Glenn's first boat ride at Aunt Ann's house on Father's Day!

Our sweet little girl at the park.

Josh's Daddy Day gifts from Annie Glenn.

Annie Glenn and her Daddy...they look so much alike!

Mommy's little girl!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More Pictures of Annie Glenn....

These pictures are just too precious to not post! Have a great rest of the week!

Much love,
Josh, Carly, and Annie Glenn

What do you mean a 4 month old baby is not supposed to be sitting up?

No one told Annie Glenn this!

Playing outside waiting on Daddy to get home...

So cute!

Enjoying some Summer Watermelon. Gram would love this!

Annie Glenn could not get enough of the watermelon. Just don't tell Dr. Jackson!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

It's Summertime!

Summertime at the Winstead House....

It finally feels like Summer and our sweet family is loving every minute of it. Annie Glenn, Josh, and I have been enjoying grilling out for almost every meal, late evening walks, lightening bugs, watermelon, and friends. However, the best part is that all day long is Annie Glenn and Momma time, which is heaven on Earth. Annie Glenn is still as her Grandada (still no official name for my Dad, which is strange because he has a nickname for all of us) calls her "Credible Baby"...she has started eating baby food and so far loves squash, sweet potatoes, and carrots. She is eating one container of baby food a day a long with a little cereal for lunch or a late night snack. She has also realized that it is Summer, which means back to later bedtimes, but later mornings too! However, her most incredible new trick of all is sitting up. She is doing all by herself! It is CRAZY....she has no idea that she is only 4 months old! She still loves the exersaucer and thinks that Daisy and Rusty are great. She laughs and talks to them constantly, while trying to pet them. It is really precious. Also last week we broke out the inflatable pool and let Annie Glenn have her first dip. The leg and arm rolls were too precious for words and we realized quickly that we have a waterbug on our hands.

Besides just being in Newnan, over the past two weekends she have attended two weddings for our incredible friends, Bill and Julie, and Kelly and Chad. Annie Glenn was able to spend the night in Atlanta with Josh and I for Bill and Julie's wedding and even made a quick appearance at the reception which was just lovely. Josh and I continue to realize how blessed we are to have such wonderful friends. This weekend we will make our first trip to Lake Spivey to spend Father's Day with "my Dad's people". I cannot wait to take Annie Glenn on her first boat ride! Annie Glenn and I spend our mornings reading, and playing and our afternoons enjoying the sunny weather outside while we wait on our Daddy to come home, we are having a wonderful summer!

We hope you enjoy the pictures below....if these are not enough go to for more Annie Glenn pictures and videos.

We love you all!
Carly, Josh, and Annie Glenn

PS- We will post more pictures tomorrow of Annie Glenn sitting up. Momma is getting too tired!

Aunt Ashley, Momma, and Annie Glenn are ready for a walk. Check out AG's shades!

Momma I am not so sure about these sweet potatoes!

A happy girl at Aunt Ashley's birthday party!

Our sweet family at Julie and Bill's wonderful wedding!

Check out those legs!

Annie Glenn's first lesson on how to squirt water through your Indies House must do!

Our little water bug!