Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It has been a while...

Life has gotten a lot busier for us since the beginning of school. Josh and I are still managing working out the details of two working parents and a growing little girl. Since we last blogged Annie Glenn has turned 6 and 7 months! She is weighing in at 20lbs. and is crawling and pulling up on anything and everything. No table, magazine, or book is safe! She is amazing to watch and I swear that tonight she started saying MaMa, although Josh thinks that he hears her saying I love my Daddy. She is just growing too fast for us!

School for Annie Glenn is a blessing! She loves Miss Stacey and her little group of friends as much as we do! It is a huge relief to know that she is being well looked after and loved while we are away from her. In fact, Annie Glenn continues to sleep better for Miss Stacey than she does at home. She is eating like a little piggy too while is is at "school", which means I think we are about to have another growth spurt!

Every day Josh and I are amazed at her growth and how her sweet and sometimes sassy personality is developing. Josh and I are both loving work, and I must say that God has sent me the sweetest group of students this year. They are just too precious and make going to work each day a joy.
Hopefully, we will not wait as long to blog again...but these days you just never know! We love you all and hope that you enjoy the pictures of our sweet Annie Glenn.

Carly, Josh, and AG
I love strawberries, just like my Daddy!

What? A bath at Gordon's house...this is crazy!

I can do it all by myself!

Best Friends, Annie Glenn and Gordon.

I love my baby dolls.

Just a swingin'...

These two look like they are up to something. Boy, did they have a blast in their favorite place to be....the bathtub!

Wearing her Kentucky dress just for her Daddy on game day!

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The Kings said...

What a big girl! Glad to hear that AG's "school" is going well--stop by if you're out walking! :)