Friday, December 19, 2008

33 weeks and counting...

The past few weeks have gone by way too fast!  We have recovered from traveling over Thanksgiving, mainly the over eating, and have finally decorated our house for Christmas.  We also had our first Baby Shower at Elm Street.  I am so blessed to work with such awesome friends.  It was really fun to open all of the gifts...I think that Josh was overwhelmed by all of the PINK!  Needless to say Annie Glenn will be well dressed and pampered with all of the wonderful gifts she received.  
We went back to the doctor and we are both still growing!  Annie Glenn's heartbeat was in the 140s and she was doing just great!  Also in the past week we took a birthing class which was an experience to say the least!  Josh can fill you in on all of the details.  The nursery is still coming along slowly. Our furniture finally arrived this week and it finally looks like a baby's room.  We will update with better pictures after the weekend picture hanging extravaganza! 
We hope you have a great few days before Christmas...
Carly and Josh

Annie Glenn's big girl bed and swing.

Our house all ready for Christmas!

Monday, December 1, 2008

31 week update

We made it through two weddings, a doctor visit, turkey day, and a trip to Kentucky in the past week.  Needless to say we have been very busy!  Dr. Turner says  Annie Glenn seems to be growing perfectly.  Her heart beat was in the 140s and we are both measuring to be close to our due date, if not before.  Also while we were at the doctor she prescribed me some surgical stockings which have taken away all of the little fashion sense I had, along with the absurd swelling of my feet and ankles, which is a blessing.  

Josh and I cannot believe that we only have two months until our sweet baby girl will be here...we just hope that the nursery furniture comes in sooner than Annie Glenn does.  

Love to you all, 
Josh and Carly

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Getting Savvy and Creating a Blog...

Well, this is our first attempt to create a Blog...we will see how it goes.  

This week we are 28 weeks and counting.  It  is hard to believe that our little girl will be here in 12 weeks or less!  Yesterday we had a doctors appointment and Dr. Ralsten told us to plan on at least an 8 pound baby!  The nursery is coming along slowly but surely and will be complete (fingers crossed) by Christmas.  My feet have been extremely swollen, so much that if it were still hot outside I would be miserable.  I am trying to make myself prop them up at night because 16, 7 year olds don't really allow for much down time during the day.  I also have been attempting to watch my sodium...but nothing tastes good with out salt in it.  Josh and I will keep you posted on sweet Annie Glenn's growth.  We go back to the doctor in two weeks to see what changes she has made.  We hope you are all well and feel so blessed to have you sharing in our joy.   
We love you all, Carly and Josh