Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Getting Savvy and Creating a Blog...

Well, this is our first attempt to create a Blog...we will see how it goes.  

This week we are 28 weeks and counting.  It  is hard to believe that our little girl will be here in 12 weeks or less!  Yesterday we had a doctors appointment and Dr. Ralsten told us to plan on at least an 8 pound baby!  The nursery is coming along slowly but surely and will be complete (fingers crossed) by Christmas.  My feet have been extremely swollen, so much that if it were still hot outside I would be miserable.  I am trying to make myself prop them up at night because 16, 7 year olds don't really allow for much down time during the day.  I also have been attempting to watch my sodium...but nothing tastes good with out salt in it.  Josh and I will keep you posted on sweet Annie Glenn's growth.  We go back to the doctor in two weeks to see what changes she has made.  We hope you are all well and feel so blessed to have you sharing in our joy.   
We love you all, Carly and Josh


Allison said...

Dear Carly and Josh~
We are so excited for your big day! We love you both and look forward to your new arrival! Our hope for you all is good health and happiness always! May God continue to bless you and your little family! We are so proud of you and wish you all the best life has to offer!
Love Always!
Piggy and Boarhog(?)

Leodapateo said...

This is a great idea!! Blog on! We miss yall at confirmation. Martin

riley said...

Carly and Josh,
You guys look great! It's so great to see that everything is going well. We are so excited for your little girl's arrival. You all deserve the best! Good luck and God bless!
Michelle, Nick, and Riley

SFAGAN69 said...
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TIWS said...

You look great, Carly! Can't wait to talk to you soon. Keep me posted on details of your trip up north. I really hope to see you. I'm so excited for Annie's arrival!!


Mary Beth said...

Really?? Are you that close? I cannot believe it! I love the picture of the both of yall!!! You both are in our prayers and we are sooo excited for you! Can't wait to see you both and Annie Glenn this weekend!

Much Love, MB and Dutch

ScrogginsClan said...

I love it! Thanks for sharing! It all goes so fast and it will be great for you guys to use this as a reference in the future. God bless the 3 of you!!

Brian, Christy, Jacey & Haley