Saturday, February 28, 2009

Can you believe I am 3 weeks old?!?

Yesterday Annie Glenn turned three weeks old and we can't believe it. It seems like it was just yesterday that we could see our first ultrasound "picture" of Annie Glenn when she was just a small dot on a black and white photo. Although time is flying by, it also seems like she has always been a special part of our family. This week Annie Glenn met new friends and family members and had a extra special visit from her Aunt Alisha and Uncle Wil. Now she has officially met all of her aunts and uncles, and has been spoiled by all of them!

Josh and I have enjoyed our week with Miss Annie Glenn and are starting to feel like normal again. I even vacuumed the house today and took a shower and got dressed without an interruption. Josh has held Annie Glenn for every Kentucky game since she was born and I am convinced that she will be able to spell CATS at a very young age! Also, this week I was able to take Annie Glenn to visit our biggest fans at Elm Street. She met the entire 2nd grade and got to watch them enjoy Popsicles on the playground. This was a real treat for me as I have not seen my class in over three weeks! They were precious around Annie Glenn and made me feel so good...we all decided that I should keep her!

As for my health I am doing physically great and my blood pressure seems to be coming down. This is our first week in the past two months that we have not visited Dr. Ralsten! I will be anxious to see what he will say when we see him again on Wednesday. As far as I know I am doing just wonderfully and am ready for some warmer days so that Annie Glenn and I can start going for some walks.

Below are some pictures from this you can tell we can't get enough of her.

Blessings from us all!
Carly, Josh, and Annie Glenn
Annie Glenn after a bath!

A little piggy in her pig outfit....she weighs over 10 and 1/2 pounds!

Annie Glenn getting ready for a bath.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Annie Glenn is Two Weeks Old!

Annie Glenn is continuing to grow this week and is changing every day. She seems to be doing everything early and is already trying to be independent. She holds her head up to look around and loves balloons. She is also smiling quite a bit and is starting to find her voice and "coo". This week she also went for her first Sunday lunch at Gran and Grandad's and on her first golfcart ride (she will be driving before long)! Annie Glenn is still sleeping well at night and is just waking up once to eat and then is right back down. She is staying awake during the day quite a bit and is going to be a night owl like her Daddy!

I went back to the doctor today and my blood pressure was normal at Dr. Ralsten's office, but still is high at home. Dr. Ralsten does not seem worried and said that he believes it is due to the swelling and fluid that I am loosing since Annie Glenn was born. We go back to see him in two weeks for another check and for my postpartum visit. The best news from our visit today is that I can drive...I am so glad to have this independence back!

As you can tell we are completely in love and think that she is just perfect! We find ourselves just staring at her while she sleeps and I am wondering how life was before she was born. Below are a few pictures from this week.

We love you all!
Carly, Josh, and Annie Glenn

So studious...

Annie Glenn's first golfcart ride!

I don't care how cute this jacket is...I don't like it!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

One week old!

What a blessing Annie Glenn has been this past week. She is calm, relaxed, a great eater, and an even greater sleeper. She was born on Friday morning and we came home early on Sunday afternoon. Since coming home she has been sleeping 5-6 hours at night! We can't believe it! She turned one week old yesterday and is growing like a weed. We have already made two trips to visit Dr. Jackson our pediatrician once for a 'real visit' and once for a weight check. We have a little girl who loves to eat! Annie Glenn's weight has quickly climbed in one week to 9lbs. and 12 oz. I have also been back to the doctor as my blood pressure is still extremely high, despite being on blood pressure medicine, so we will return to visit Dr. Ralsten once a week until it is under control.

Josh and I have also been richly blessed in the past week to have our parents take care of our new family. Our home has never been so clean and we are eating gourmet meals every night. Annie Glenn love visitors so please feel free to come by and visit us...this not driving for two weeks is killing me! Again thank you for your prayers and love as we start our new family together. Over the past week we have been easily reminded that God is good all of the time...what a blessing he has shared with us.

We will update again soon!
Josh, Carly, and Annie Glenn

PS: Below are some of our pictures from the past week....she is getting so BIG!

Daddy knows just how to hold me so that I fall asleep!

Wide awake and alert!

Our sleeping angel!

Our first sponge bath from Piggy, Mommy, and Daddy!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Welcome to the world Annie Glenn!

Annie Glenn Winstead
February 6, 2009
9 lbs. 5.7 ozs
2o inches

After spending a day in the hospital and a day on bed rest, we finally have the most beautiful daughter in the world! Annie Glenn was born at 7:59 am via C-section to proudest parents you have ever seen! Annie Glenn was born to a brave mommy and a daddy that could hardly contain himself! We are all doing well and plan on leaving the hospital and heading to our home on Monday.

More posts and plenty of pictures are to come!

We love you all,

Carly, Josh, and Annie Glenn

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Still waiting...

Yesterday Josh and I had a quite interesting doctors visit. We had another ultrasound scheduled to check Annie Glenn's size, which by the way was 9.3 lbs. and then were supposed to have a regular quick visit with Dr. Ralsten. However things were anything but quick! My blood pressure was high along with my protein levels...which earned us a trip to a hospital room for the rest of the afternoon. We were told originally that we could expect a baby by last night or this morning...but things quickly changed with my blood pressure and protein and they sent us home. So we left the hospital drained from all of the worrying and waiting and headed home. We have a C-section scheduled for Friday morning at 7:30 unless Annie Glenn decides to arrive on her own, due to her size and that she will be 5 days past her due date!

Please pray for the three of us, as we get ready for Friday. I have never broken a bone and yesterday was my first time in a hospital a major surgery is very scary. We will keep everyone posted about Annie Glenn's arrival.

We love you all,
Carly and Josh

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hello Due Date...Goodbye Due Date

Hello Due Date...Goodbye Due Date...

Yes, today is supposed to be the big day....but Miss Annie Glenn must take after her momma and likes to be fashionably late or is also like her momma and is too hard headed and doesn't like someone telling her when to do something...I can just imagine her now, thinking "I will make up my own mind about my birthday, thank you very much". Poor Josh if he has to live with two hard headed women!

Yes, it is true, not a sign of a contraction in sight and here we find ourselves at 40 weeks! We go back to the doctor on Wednesday morning for another ultrasound and Annie Glenn update, so we will let everyone know what we find out at hopefully, our last appointment. Keep us in your prayers and if you see us on the road steer clear....I have a feeling that speed limit and traffic signs will mean nothing to our eager Daddy to be!

We will be in touch soon,
Carly and Josh