Friday, February 20, 2009

Annie Glenn is Two Weeks Old!

Annie Glenn is continuing to grow this week and is changing every day. She seems to be doing everything early and is already trying to be independent. She holds her head up to look around and loves balloons. She is also smiling quite a bit and is starting to find her voice and "coo". This week she also went for her first Sunday lunch at Gran and Grandad's and on her first golfcart ride (she will be driving before long)! Annie Glenn is still sleeping well at night and is just waking up once to eat and then is right back down. She is staying awake during the day quite a bit and is going to be a night owl like her Daddy!

I went back to the doctor today and my blood pressure was normal at Dr. Ralsten's office, but still is high at home. Dr. Ralsten does not seem worried and said that he believes it is due to the swelling and fluid that I am loosing since Annie Glenn was born. We go back to see him in two weeks for another check and for my postpartum visit. The best news from our visit today is that I can drive...I am so glad to have this independence back!

As you can tell we are completely in love and think that she is just perfect! We find ourselves just staring at her while she sleeps and I am wondering how life was before she was born. Below are a few pictures from this week.

We love you all!
Carly, Josh, and Annie Glenn

So studious...

Annie Glenn's first golfcart ride!

I don't care how cute this jacket is...I don't like it!

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