Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ultrasound Update

Today Josh and I once again traveled to Fayetteville to visit the doctor to  learn more about Annie Glenn.  We are 37 weeks and 2 days along today which means only 19 days until her due date!  Today we learned from the ultrasound and visit that Annie Glenn weighs about 7 1/2 lbs. and that means that if we go 19 more days we are predicted to have an almost 9 lb. bundle of cheeks!  I have made very little progress in my area of being ready to have her at just 30 % effaced. We go back to see Dr. Cook again on Wednesday and as he said I will see you in the office not in the delivery room, so we have at least another week to prepare for her arrival.

On Saturday I had one of the nicest showers in my honor and we are completely ready now as far as gear and clothes for Annie Glenn.  Josh has been busy since Saturday building the Diaper Champ, placing monitors in just the right spots, and making sure that both cars have car seat bases in them with mirrors at every angle to see Annie Glenn, although for some reason the carrier has remained in his truck :).  I have never seen a Daddy so eager to meet his little girl.

Overall, we are both doing well.  I have been really trying to stay off my feet, but nesting is getting the best of me and knowing that I only have a limited time left in my classroom with my kids is not making sitting with my feet in a chair easy!  We will update again when we have some more news!

Love to you all, 
Carly and Josh  

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