Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Only 25 days to go...

Unfortunately, Mondays visit to the doctors office gave us no clues as to when Annie Glenn will be joining our family, as Dr. Turner said that I am making no progress as far as dilation. This news is fine with us both at just 36 weeks....ask me in a week because I am feeling like I might be more ready! Mondays appointment did allow Dr. Turner to schedule another ultrasound for next Tuesday. We are so excited! The doctors are still thinking that Annie Glenn will be a healthy girl, so we are just going to make one last check on how healthy she is....Josh and I are thrilled to be able to see more pictures of our sweet baby girl.

Over the weekend we also finished our nursery, which looks precious! My aunts truly out did themselves! Today was my first full day back at school with kids and I can already tell that each day will be tougher as my feet and hands are out of control in the swelling department. My class is really sweet about the baby and seem just as excited as we are to meet her.

We hope that everyone is doing well and will post again with pictures from our ultrasound!

We love you all,
Josh and Carly

Annie Glenn's crib!
A view from the doorway.
Another view of the room.

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Morgan Owen said...

Hang in there! Prayin' for you!

Morgan Owen