Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Annie Glenn's first visit to the Beach!

On July 11th at 6am we left Newnan on the way to the beach for Annie Glenn's first beach trip. You should have seen the bed of Josh's truck. Not even an ant could have hitched a ride with us. We had more than we needed for Annie Glenn's first beach trip! Annie Glenn was perfect in the car, sleeping for almost the first four hours! We arrived at the beach by lunchtime and hit the sand and pool soon after. Annie Glenn had everything she needed for the beach and pool thanks to Aunt Ashley and her floats, pools, and toys! We spend 10 days in paradise and enjoyed every minute of the time that we were there with our beach family.

Annie Glenn loved the pool and by the end of our trip liked the ocean, as long as she was safe in our arms. She loved our morning and late afternoon walks on the beach, but she especially liked all of the people who were constantly there to play with her! We took over 1,000 pictures of our family and friends and ate like kings and queens. We truly had an incredible trip! Josh and I just loved being able to introduce Annie Glenn to friends who are so important to our life, if it weren't for these special friends we would have never met!

As we have returned back to the "real" world we have realized how quickly the Summer has passed. Next week will be a huge week in the Winstead household as Annie Glenn will begin going to "school" every day with Miss Stacey while Josh and I return to work. We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful place to take Annie Glenn each day and know that she will be loved by Miss Stacey and will taken care of....however I am not looking forward to not spending all day with Miss AG! Also next week Annie Glenn will turn 6 months old! We can't believe it! She has gotten so big and we are loving all of her new "tricks"! She still has no teeth, but not for a lack of chewing and will be crawling before long. Right now our favorite thing is that she will reach for Josh and I when she wants to be held. It just melts your heart! She continues to be the most precious blessing and we are humbled by God's trust in us daily.

Please pray for our family as school starts as it will be a difficult transition for us all. We hope that you enjoy all of the pictures and we will post again soon!


The Winsteads :)

Annie Glenn and Aunt Ashley!

Mom and Dad with Annie Glenn!

The whole Davis gang!

Taking a dip in the pool!

Look at that 'kini'!

Daddy's favorite trick with Annie Glenn. We have one strong little girl!

Look at that Beach 'Bum'!

Sweetest Smile!

Digging for sand fleas!

Annie Glenn's first time seeing the ocean!

Toes in the sand!


Happy Baby!

Our sweet family!
Enjoying every giggle!

Annie Glenn loved her morning walks on the beach!

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The St.Johns said...

I can not believe how big she is. I thought I had a big kid. She is so precious.