Thursday, May 28, 2009

Almost 4 months

Annie Glenn will be 16 weeks old tomorrow and her Momma and Dadda can hardly believe it. She is growing so much and since we blogged last has learned so many new things. Annie Glenn is now a rolling pro! I even found her under the coffee table from being such a rolly-pollie. She is also working hard on sitting up by herself and is actually close to the big day when she can sit on her own. Her newest trick is trying to stand...this is all that she wants to do! It is hilarious to try and pull her up from a diaper change and she her lock those chubby legs and try to stand. She is so determined or either hard-headed....we have no clue where this trait came from :)! Miss Annie Glenn has also entered the wonderful world of rice cereal. She loves it and has since the first spoon hit her lips. She usually eats a bowl of cereal right before bath time, it has helped her to continue sleeping through the night.

Since our last blog we have had some exciting adventures in the Winstead household. We journeyed to Kentucky to visit Grandma and the rest of the Winstead gang for a long weekend. During the trip Annie Glenn decided that 6 hours in a car is really not for her, but we managed to make the trip there and home pretty smoothly thanks to a big backseat, a rattle, and Playhouse Disney CD. We had a great time visiting. We also have had two visits from our beach family, which has made the wait until July a little easier on us all. Annie Glenn especially enjoyed her visit from Riley over Memorial Day weekend. She loved watching him play. I think that we will be pulling them off the lifeguard stand in a few years! We can't wait to see them in the sand together this year! However, the biggest change is that I have returned to Elm Street to finish up the year with my precious 2nd graders. This was a huge transition for me, but thanks to Piggy we have all survived! I cannot wait for next week to be able to stay at home with Annie Glenn.

As you can see from the pictures Annie Glenn is getting bigger, prettier, and more alert each day. We continue to see how good God is through the laughter, smiles, and love that Annie Glenn brings to us.

Carly, Josh, and Annie Glenn

Riley giving his girlfriend her first flower....How Sweet!
This stuff is pretty good!

Annie Glenn after rice cereal.

Grandma, Annie Glenn, and Josh

Annie Glenn with her Kentucky grandparents and Uncle Wil.

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