Monday, May 11, 2009

3 months old

We just can't believe when people ask us how old Annie Glenn is and we have to say three months! That is just too old! In fact I don't know where the past 13 weeks have gone. We are having so much fun with Annie Glenn and she is starting to develop her own personality, which is adorable!
Miss Annie Glenn is know laughing out loud and rolling over. She is also trying to sit up in our laps without any help. We are hoping that she will be sitting up by the middle of Summer. She is continuing to sleep through the night and has developed a wonderful schedule of naps during the day. She is currently going to bed around 10:00 and then is ready to be up at 7 am, which is just perfect for our little family. We truly are blessed. In the pictures below you will notice that she is still not suffering in the weight department weighing in at a perfect 16 pounds. We are so blessed by her sweet nature and love of life. She is so smiley and happy, which is a joy to us all!

We had a wonderful Mother's Day and I can't wait for the summer to be here...Can you imagine these rolls in a bathing suit???I just can't wait until JULY and our annual beach trip.

We love you all!
Carly, Josh, and Annie Glenn

So sweet!

She is such a blessing to us!

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