Friday, March 6, 2009

One month old!

Josh and I cannot believe how quickly the past month has passed! Annie Glenn continues to grow and seems to be more beautiful each day. She is very alert, holding up her head, and cooing constantly. She loves to lay in her bed and look at her mobile and is still sleeping 4-6 hours at night. At last weight check she was over 11 1/2 pounds....she is getting rolls everywhere! Josh and I are truly blessed with an angel and cannot believe that she is ours!

The highlight of our week was two surprise visits from our "beach friends" as they passed though Newnan. These visits were so much fun as our visits are limited and usually only happen in July when we are all together in Florida. Annie Glenn will be one of the gang this Summer and we cannot wait! Also, this weekend Annie Glenn's newest friend Gordon was born. Annie Glenn picked out a pretty dress and we headed to the hospital to meet him.

It has been an incredible month full of blessings. Josh and I are blessed with a healthy baby that absolutely brings a joy to our life that we have never experienced before. We cannot wait for the rest of our lives with her!

We love you all,
Josh, Carly, and Annie Glenn

Annie Glenn's lips were dyed purple from the medicine that we had to give her for thrush.

Annie Glenn in her adorable dress her Daddy bought her!

Annie Glenn meets her new best friend Gordon!

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