Friday, March 20, 2009

Miss Priss is 6 weeks old!

Today Annie Glenn turned 6 weeks old! Josh and I cannot believe how quickly six weeks can fly by and how much one little angel can change your life. Annie Glenn is now 23 inches long and weighs a whopping 13lbs! She is cooing constantly and is no longer content laying down. This little lady wants to be up and moving! She loves being outside and has even gotten to ride in her big girl umbrella stroller and LOVES it. We have been blessed with another week of good sleeping and now are just working on moving her bedtime to before midnight. She is just precious and we are totally in love.

Love to you all,
Carly, Josh, and Annie Glenn

Annie Glenn the chunk "holding" skinny mini Gordon in their matching outfits!

Mommy and Daddy LOVE bathtime pictures.

Our attempt at a family photo.

Annie Glenn has the pouty lip perfected...

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